Sunday, June 04, 2006

Mango Shakes at South Seas Resort

South Seas Resort in Dumaguete City...looking toward the open-air restaurantI was quite enchanted with the seaside resort north of Dumaguete known as South Seas. While it was very convenient to the downtown area it was nestled away behind a maze of residential streets that gave it a sort of cozy, reclusive feel. The only major drawback to this resort is that it has no real beachfront. Then again, I was trying to minimize my exposure to the brutal Filipino sun, so I wasn't terribly upset. Besides, the lush, green setting of this quaint little accommodation was more than sufficient to meet my rest and relaxation requirements. And at USD $30 per night it was an incredible value.

Oh, and the mango shakes served at the open-air restaurant were easily the best in the entire world. Keep in mind that I have nothing to compare them to, but if you ever make it to Dumaguete be sure to stop by South Seas and order a few.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

South Seas Resort was the Place to stay while in Dumaguete City. On the ocean. Wonderful restaurants, lovely waitresses, yes unbeleivable Mango shakes, too, and helpful staff at the office and at housekeeping!!!! Enjoyed three weeks there, would highly recommend to everyone. Merle McLean

Friday, March 21, 2008 4:34:00 PM  
Blogger Corey said...

Hello Merle...we stayed for 9 days and would certainly recommend it to anyone. The only problem we had was with paying the bill upon check-out. Apparently, anything over 10,000 PHP requires bank authorization, which was impossible because it was midnight on a Sunday for my bank. Thankfully, Marilyn knew the owner of South Seas and promised that I would send a moneygram when I got back to the U.S. Otherwise, we might still be there waiting for them to get in touch with the bank. We felt the management at South Seas could have informed us of the situation when the room tab first went over 10,000 PHP. That way, they could have possibly run multiple charges for smaller amounts. Anyway, beyond that, everything else was very nice for the price.

Sunday, March 23, 2008 8:50:00 PM  

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