Saturday, September 01, 2007

Long Road From Dumaguete to America:
Visa Granted 08/03/07!

Above: Marilyn inside Greenwich on Perdices Avenue, Dumaguete

You would think I would have shared this news weeks ago, but I have been remiss in my posting as of late. Or, perhaps the shock has not yet worn off that Marilyn is scheduled to arrive in the U.S. on September 12th :) The end of that long road from Dumaguete to America is soon to be reached.

Now, for some details...

Marilyn flew from Dumaguete to Manila for her medical exam on July 27, which consisted of some x-rays, a blood test, and a measles vaccination (officially, an MMR vaccination). Her visa interview took place at the U.S. embassy a week later...on August 3rd. The embassy does not allow electronic devices within its walls, but Marilyn had forgotten this rule, and had to make a trip back to the hotel to shed her cell phone and her music player (two separate trips, mind you). By the time she was allowed to enter the premises it was around 9am...about 90 minutes after her interview time! She should have been forced to reschedule due to her tardiness, but there must have been angels working there that day :)

I really don't know when Marilyn's interview took place, but she texted me around 12:20pm local time. Here is the actual text she sent to me on Chikka:

Marilyn: (August 03, 2007 00:22:43)
I am granted a visa.The consul was nice.It didnt feel that i was intrviewed.He even told me about his wife :-D

She later referred to the gentleman who interviewed her as the "kindest consul", even saying that it felt more like a casual conversation than a visa interview. Others, however, were not so blessed, as she also witnessed a few somewhat harsh interrogations...and even a couple of denials. Due to the time differences I stayed up well into the night, waiting to receive that lovely text above.

As soon as Marilyn arrives, we will immediately begin planning for an October wedding. All these months of waiting for the visa, and now everything just happens so quickly :)

Heavenly Father...thank you for this wonderful gift that You have given to us. Please forgive me for those many times when I allowed fears and worries to take away the joy of what You were about to do. If only I had rested in You, and sought that same peace which passes all understanding...that peace You granted me when I first prepared to meet Marilyn two years ago. Please be at the center of our lives together, for even if we have each other we still have nothing without You. In Jesus' name. Amen.

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