Friday, December 21, 2007

Adjusting to Life Away from Dumaguete & Following the K-1 Visa Trail

Marilyn sharing a special moment with her friend Cy Beny hours before leaving Dumaguete.Marilyn sharing special time with a friend, hours before leaving Dumaguete for the U.S.

It was over three months ago that Marilyn boarded a plane for Tokyo, leaving behind family, friends, and all she had ever known. Her journey would eventually span over 9,000 miles, culminating in an emotional homecoming of sorts in Detroit, Michigan. It doesn't seem so long ago, but in that short span a few major events have occurred:
  • we were married on October 20
  • we found a new house
How's that for an action-packed 90 days? ;) That doesn't include the daily struggles that Marilyn must face as she adapts to a brand new culture. Needless to say, her plate is full, but thankfully we have been doing some networking with the local Filipino community in Cincinnati, and that has already provided some great support for her. Once she receives her authorization to work she should begin to feel right at home :)

Marilyn and I experience our first Christmas together. Too bad there wasn't any snow left in Michigan, but the temperature felt like Christmas ;)

Here is Marilyn again during Christmas Eve. I was testing out the new camera ;)

I began this blog as a narrative of life in Dumaguete during my relatively brief two-week adventure in 2005. I had so many memories that I wanted to detail in writing and share with friends, family and anyone who happened to stop by. However, I have since abandoned this format in favor of providing intermittent updates on our immigration process, as that has been the central focus over the past year (though you may still read about my Dumaguete adventures starting at this post).


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